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I don't believe in doing cardio for hours and hours.   I also don't believe in doing exercise that you hate.  That is absolutely not sustainable.  I believe in efficient and effective workouts that include strength training.   Lifting weights has done more for my clients bodies & minds than anything else.


This is a typical workout plan I would prescibe to a someone looking for improvements in body composition and overall health/wellness.    It would include- 3 sessions of strength training, 2-3 High Intensity Interval Training sessions (10-15 min) and 1-2 Moderate Intensity Cardio Sessions (20-30 min).  If you are looking for more fat loss I would 3 HIIT & 2 MIC. Here's what it would look like:

Monday- Strength sessions #1 followed by 10-15 min of HIIT 

Tuesday- Moderate Intensity Cardio

Wednesday- Strength session #2

Thursday- OFF

Friday- Strength session #3 followed by HIIT

Saturday-optional Moderate Intensity Cardio or self care day 

Sunday- OFF 

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