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About Me

I'm a mom.  I get the on-the-go mom lifestyle.   It's tough to juggle so many things and maintain sanity.  After having twin boys, the thought of being able to fit in exercise and healthy eating seemed like a mountain of a task.   After struggling through my first year, I have found ways to simplify my nutrition and exercise.  I'm hoping you can use some of these tips and tricks.   


I started my path in athletics relatively late.  Being tall 6'2, people always assumed that I played sports.  I got tired of saying no.  I started with basketball then kind of fell into volleyball.  I instantly LOVED it.  Then and there I got hooked on competition and athletics.  I loved the weight room.  I loved the feeling of getting stronger and more powerful.

As a fitness professional, I'm on a mission to provide a safe place for quality information about exercise.  I'm over the size zero expectations placed on women.  Cellulite, stretch marks, fold over fat, we've ALL got it.  My hope is that we can stop comparing our everyday with someone's best day that was acheived with photoshop and perfect lighting.  I really hope that women can embrace their bodies the way they are now, and stop just worrrying about getting smaller.

Personal Training Certifications  NSCA-CPT, CSCS

Training clients in the Atlanta area since 2003.

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