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Cynthia's style profile

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GOAL- easy, on the go mom style.  Wants to be comfy but also cute.  Strives to look pulled together without trying too hard.   Working on mixing in accessories to dress up a casual outfit. Overall wants some fun new pieces to mix in with current wardrobe.

Needs list:  pieces to compliment your wardrobe

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2018-02-08 11.24.32
2018-02-08 10.59.49
2018-02-08 11.05.24
2018-02-08 10.57.59 (1)
2018-02-08 10.16.35
2018-02-08 10.43.31
2018-02-08 10.23.11
2018-02-08 10.45.46
2018-02-08 10.38.49
2018-02-08 10.30.35

Shoes-Taupe Booties, neutral colored flat

Accessories- Stack bracelets, pendant necklace

Bottoms- dark wash skinny jeans

Tops- sweatshirt blazer, cute fun new blouses! 

Here are some options you can start looking over!

I'm looking forward to our shopping trip!   Let me know if you have any questions!! 



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