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Hi!  I'm Amber and I'm so happy you dropped by.  Here at Acceleration Fitness we believe in efficient workouts and easy style.  You don't have to be a size zero to look or feel fierce,


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These sneaks are so good.

November 5, 2016


I love a good slip on sneaker.   Comfy but still cool?  Yassssssssss!  Gap sells a seriously good slip on sneaker for under $60.  I got mine with an additional 30% coupon code.  {NOTE: Never, EVER buy anything full price at Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic!  You can usually get 25%-40% off with a coupon code.  Sometimes things like shoes, denim or kids clothes will be excluded, but just wait a few days and keep checking.  New coupon codes come out all the time with NO EXCLUSIONS!}  Anyway, back to the sneaks.  They are a dupe for the Vince slip on sneakers that run upwards of $200!   They are incredibly mom friendly.    Forget mom friendly, they are HUMAN friendly!  So freakin' comfortable. 









Outfit Details

Sweater-  Mine is a few years old H&M sweater.  This one is very close and looks very cozy.

Jeans-  Articles of Sociey Mya.  This is a great mid-range brand that has on-trend washes/cuts.  You can get the high end designer look without paying for it.  

Shoes- Gap Suede Slip on Sneakers  These are so so good.  Dead ringer for the $225 Vince Slip ons.  Unbelievably comfortable even without socks. 

Bag- Couldn't find my exact Tory Burch Satchel, but this one looks really really good.  


Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.  Now off to find some fun kid & parent activities.  AKA- looking for games & beer.   


Until next time peaches! 





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