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Athleta workout gear. Maybe the best pants ever?

So these are the pants. So good. More on them below.

Athleta is seriously good right now. I appreciate that many of their tights are high waisted- I'm talking belly button or bust. It helps keep things locked and loaded without feeling unbearably tight. Who wants to wear a corset to workout anyway? Not this chick. If you are a fitness professional you can get enrolled in the Fit Pro Perks program and you'll get 30% off full price merch. It's a much better discount than the R&D at lululemon.

Some of my faves-

These tights tho! Love love love them. They are high waisted, slimming and SUPER comfy. The tank has a built in bra and great drape so it's not super tight, but won't come over your head if you're in downdog. This entire outfit came home with me.

I loved these bright blue tights. They are the same cut as the striped tights above- high waisted and slimming. The blue is BRIGHT, but not obnoxious. This tank was meh.

Love this whole outfit. The tank is super soft & swingy. Tights are so cool. They are a good update on basic black...and the tiny polka dots are reflective. Winning!

Mixed and matched some of my faves. These tights will prolly be my fall uniform. Tights || Tank || New Balance Tennis Shoes

Maybe the best pants EVER????

Let's talk about these pants. OMG! Yes!!! Super comfy updated joggers with a good butt! And they have pockets, butt pockets, front pockets, even a cute little zipper pocket to carry your cash for your coffee run. I know I'm going to love these when I want to be super comfy, but don't feel like wearing tights. They make me feel a little more pulled together. I can see these even heading on a date night with heels and a blouse. Or I can weekend them with big chunk (what I call my big ass chunky sweater) & slip on sneaks. These are that comfy cool look of joggers without getting the dreaded saggy butt. Sorry no pic of the butt, but trust me. I haven't given them the all day wear test yet, but fingers are crossed.

Favorite long sleeve. The back has a crossed open back. So cool & comfy. I'm loving the flashdance vibe. Great for gym to street.

Tights || Booties (my fave!!) ||

Ok so these tights were from another post, but they are soooooo good. The front is faux leather and the back is just regular ole matte tights. They are high waisted just enough but still super super comfy. I wear these to train clients or out to dinner all fancy like. Versatility baby!

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