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2016-11-02 12.03.28
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2016-11-02 12.10.40
2016-11-02 12.22.01
2016-11-02 12.35.22
2016-11-02 12.25.23
2016-11-02 12.54.32
2016-11-02 11.40.54
2016-11-02 11.44.06
2016-11-02 11.30.12
2016-11-02 11.13.18
2016-11-02 11.39.32

Needs list:

Brown booties to replace pair that were too high to be practical. 
Casual Black Bootie 
GOAL- easy, on the go mom style with edge and interesting details.
I know I don't need to say this to you, but be sure to check for coupon codes for discounts before checking out.  Easy to save big bucks this way.  Retail me not is my fave site for up to date codes. 
Chambray shirt- a lot from Old Navy/Gap obvs don't buy at full price!!
Some fun stuff from H&M that I think would look SOOO good on you and fit into your wardrobe seamlessly.  Maybe stuff like this could go on a wish list?!?    Just some ideas...
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